7 Benefits of Growing Marijuana Indoors

As the industry grows, the indoor vs. outdoor marijuana cultivation debates are getting more heated. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages. But growing marijuana indoors can surpass the benefits of an outdoor operation.

Maximize Growth

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You may think with an indoor facility, the brand has limited growth. However, that’s not correct. When the grower can control all aspects of cultivation, they get better results, including a higher yield. Also, many believe that you can grow outdoor medical cannabis in California year-round.

But premium buds require maximum sunlight. Even if the brand uses auto-flowering clones, situations with the climate can dampen the harvest. Sure, this isn’t the case for all cannabis strains. Some, such as landraces, are not as delicate and can handle a little less sun and fluctuating temperatures.

Another advantage of an indoor facility is the grower can control CO2 levels. This also boosts maximum growth by as much as 20 percent. The more carbon dioxide, the better. It increases photosynthesis resulting in larger plants with improved quality. Science backs these claims. Trials show by increasing C02 and decreasing nitrogen, growth increases. Using the right fertilizers can help with the reduction in nitrogen and still boost crop yield.


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Yes, bugs are a part of nature. But you don’t want insects or their body parts in your cultivated medical cannabis in California. Another benefit of indoor vs. outdoor marijuana plants is there are no insects inside the facility. When the grower doesn’t need to worry about bugs damaging their crop, they can eliminate pesticides and focus on the other environmental controls, such as temperature, CO2, ventilation, moisture, and humidity. It also allows for a higher quality of substrate and fertilizers. The bottom line is that you get a safer product, free from all contaminants, including the natural ones with an indoor grow facility.

Climate Control

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Climate control is vital to growing marijuana. You can control the environment when you’re growing marijuana indoors. As you know, no matter how much we’d like to change the weather, there’s very little in nature anyone can control. Even when growing medical cannabis in California, climate and weather changes play a vital role.

A high-tech indoor cultivation facility has a control room that monitors all conditions from corner to corner. These conditions also offer consistency, which is nearly impossible to do with outdoor cultivation. Patients need the same results every time, and indoor grow facilities can provide that consistency.

Reduced Water Usage

Water is a finite resource that’s growing scarce in many places worldwide, including California. Reducing water usage is essential to the environment and the people and animals that rely on it to live. Outdoor farms require a lot of water to maintain healthy crops. There are few solutions for cultivation specialists to reduce usage. The available processes can add up in price and cause other problems, such as using rain runoff.

Although it’s a solid idea, collecting rainwater isn’t a viable solution because it’s unpredictable. Areas of California can go a year or longer without significant rainfall. Additionally, chemicals can mix with the rain, contaminating it. Yes, you can filter it, but that’s an extra step and cost.

Another benefit of indoor cultivation of medical cannabis in California is reclaiming water from humidity to reduce waste. There isn’t any contamination with an utterly inside system, and filtration areas are already available to use. By reusing this water, facilities reduce consumption and costs. These savings are used to improve quality, develop new cannabis strains, and lower prices for medical patients.

Security & Safety

There’s only so much security a company can provide when cultivating cannabis outside. Fences, security lights, and alarms can help. Cannabis thieves can make off with the crop, leaving owners with little recourse. Once the flowers leave the facility, they’ll have to be destroyed for safety purposes even if they’re recovered. An indoor operation can keep all unwanted visitors out. Additionally, many states require security to prevent the potent buds from getting into the hands of underage consumers.

But the best way to keep plants secure and safe from contamination is by growing marijuana indoors. Bird droppings, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and other small animals can destroy crops and make them unsafe for consumption.

While most of this is caught through third-party testing, a small amount of some natural contaminants is legal. When you choose medical cannabis in California that’s grown indoors, you’ll never have to worry about these sources of contamination.

Another aspect of growing marijuana indoor is it offers a hygienic environment. In the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that leaves many uncertain, providing a clean facility that reduces chances of transferring contagions is a welcomed benefit.

Cost Control

Yes, the start-up costs for a state-of-the-art facility are high. But when looking at the advantages and disadvantages of indoor vs. outdoor marijuana cultivation, the inside location wins hands down. The company that undertakes these large projects understands the payoff. Their goal is to provide you with a wide range of premium flowers at an affordable price. Once the operation is in full swing, the technology pays for itself, and the controls in place keep product costs down.

Another cost-related benefit of inside growing operations includes savings from losses. An indoor facility dramatically reduces the chances of losing a crop to weather conditions or contamination. Following the harvest, it also limits losses from mold and mildew growth. The grow facility monitors and controls all factors that can contribute to mold.

With outdoor cultivation, few controls can battle Mother Nature. Growers can do their best to monitor crops, even using technology, such as drone surveillance to watch plants and look for signs of contamination. But it doesn’t come close to the benefits of an indoor facility. In the end, this pays off from inside operations. The cost of losing an entire crop has the potential to bankrupt brands.

Higher Trichome Counts

The short history of indoor vs. outdoor marijuana growing shows that cultivating plants in high-tech facilities produces flowers with much higher trichome counts. What does this mean? The trichomes are the plant’s factories for the 545 compounds found on cannabis. These phytochemicals are responsible for the medical properties of powerful botanical. The higher the count, the more potency. Why is growing marijuana indoor better for trichomes? The controlled environment protects the plants and all their parts.

Outdoor flowers are exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as wind, acid rain, extreme temperature fluctuations, and regular changes in humidity levels. Another problem? Plants get pelted with soil and sand daily. Trichomes are delicate. A few blasts of sand particles can destroy them.

HITit offers premium medical cannabis in California grown in a state-of-the-art indoor facility with controls for temperature, humidity, C02, ventilation, and moisture to cultivate the best buds in the Pacific coast state. Look for HITit handcrafted flowers at your local dispensary to ensure you have potent, top-shelf nugs to help with chronic pain, depression, PTSD, sleep, and other medical conditions.