HITit offers wholesale premium medical marijuana

Choose indoor wholesale cannabis , grown in an environmentally controlled facility with multiple micro-climates, you know you’re getting top quality flowers. HITit  exclusively cultivates quality uncompromised, premium, high-potency, and above all, safe cannabis  to sell at your dispensary.

Our indoor facility eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Internal HVAC, with mold preventing laser technology allows our technicians to monitor heat, airflow, and humidity at each stage of individual trees growing process. These elements are vital to preventing mold and mildew. Additionally, it promotes optimal conditions for cultivating superior cannabis experience that consumers demand and expect when purchasing from a premium dispensary.

Quality starts in our California Department Food and Agriculture (“CDFA”) compliant facility.  HITit has created standard operating procedures to ensure strict compliance with each and every CDFA rule and regulation. Our gowning and cleanliness requirements remain the highest in the State of California. We select strains with superior genetics and high potency. Each seed is planted and then hand selected by our Master Grower to be placed in the growing process.  Each tree is cared for by an experienced cultivator on a daily basis.  We hand water and examine individual trees needs on a daily basis and  never use machines for any stage of the growing, cutting, curing or packaging process.. Each bud is hand-picked to protect the delicate trichomes containing the potent blends of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

HITit guarantees quality uncompromised above all else.  Our flower endures rigorous testing by an independent third party, California Licensed Laboratory to ensure the purity and the potency of our flower provided to consumers remain consistent with our quality uncompromised model.  Each batchpasses. The independent lab issues a certificate of analysis or COA for each batch. When you purchase HITit cannabis wholesale, you can provide the COA to your customers to verify our quality uncompromised commitment.

Unique Uncompromised Flowers

Through Indoor cultivation HITit has the benefit of complete control over the environment. At each stage a unique micro climate is created to allow for the best seed, veg and flower growth. As a wholesale cannabis supplier, we care about each plant grown in our facility. Technicians, not machines, tend to each one, giving it individual attention throughout the entire cannabis distribution process, from seed to sale.  The above is verified by the rigorous testing on our product conducted by third party, independent, California Licensed Laboratories.

HITit Products & Strains

HITit has spent the time and resources to develop four top cannabis products. Each strain is carefully researched for potency and taste.

Choose our first-class cannabis products to add to your dispensary’s lineup today.

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Why Choose Us?

Quality Uncompromised is HITit. Every plant matters. Every flower is treated individually and cultivated by our technicians. We understand the value and importance of high-quality, potent, cannabis. Your clients deserve the best. Choose HITit and our top-shelf, premium cannabis products to stock your dispensary’s shelves.


HITit tracks every step of the cultivation, harvest, drying, independent screening, and packaging process from seed to sale. Purchase cannabis wholesale from a company that cares about developing and producing high-quality, premium cannabis flower that Is uncompromised in quality.


We understand the value of using State of California certified independent labs to check every batch of cannabis flowers for maximum purity. HITit takes safety seriously and provides clean and safe working environment for its valued professionals, who remain committed to producing quality uncompromised cannabis to our consumers. Can we put a link here to the professional page of our employees.

Client Satisfaction

Pursuant to making a purchase, we ensure that the product is packaged fresh and delivered to your buyer personally by our sales team in a speedy manner.  We do not package until and unless we receive your order.  Pursuant to delivery, we remain engaged with you to ensure the product is placed and answer any questions your budtenders may have regarding the strengths of our product. Our representatives are available to answer your questions. ,. To order call or click on this link.

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Please direct all wholesale or general inquiries to info@hititco.com or call 1-760-580-0085. Our Customer Service Department is open Monday-Friday 9:00am-6pm. We will respond to your email as soon as possible.